18 Useful College Resources for High School Students

Chances are, if you’re a high school student or parent of a soon-to-be college student, you have a lot on your mind about college. Preparing for college and completing college applications can be a lengthy, confusing process. Thankfully, many helpful college resources for high school students are available online to help. 

These resources can assist you through all stages of the college journey: the college search, test prep, college applications, financial aid, scholarships, choosing a major, and so much more. This article will highlight the best free college resources available to help high school students find the right path. 

Resources for the College Search

The following section contains resources for high school students to explore colleges, find schools, and determine their compatibility. 

  1. Find Your Christian College

Find Your Christian College is a resource we’ve created for students seeking a Christian college or university. You can use this website to explore Christian higher education options, find a Christian college fair, get financial aid information, and more.

  1. College Navigator

College Navigator is a database for college admissions statistics run by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). It contains information regarding tuition, estimated expenses, the average net price to attend, admissions requirements, retention rates, graduation rates, majors, required test scores, and more. 

  1. College Board

The College Board is a helpful resource to know. We’ve put it in the College Search section; however, this website is more extensive. 

It can assist you with anything from college search and standardized test preparation to providing admission tools and scholarship information. You can use BigFuture College Search to filter by location, majors, type, campus life, and extracurricular activities when looking for schools. 

  1. You Visit

You Visit is a website where you can virtually tour college campuses. You can use it to explore campuses and get an idea of what it may feel like to attend each college and university. 

  1. College Confidential

College Confidential is a free online college resource with a standard “College Search” feature, college admissions advice, calculators for estimating your Financial Aid Eligibility and Academic Index, and more. 

One of the sections students find to be the most helpful is its student forum. Here you can get answers to frequently asked questions and clarification on college-related topics. 

Test Prep Resources

For many students, one of the most challenging parts of applying to college is preparing for standardized tests, so we’ve compiled a list of websites where students can get free test prep resources and practice tests. 

  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy has full-length SAT practice tests available for free and offers personalized practice recommendations based on results. It also has resources for other subjects in school and at all levels. 

  1. ACT

On the official ACT website, students can find free practice test questions. There are also multiple college planning resources for both students and parents.

  1. Kaplan

Kaplan provides a free SAT Turbo Test for students. This test is a shortened version of the SAT, so students can get an idea of how they would perform on the test.

  1. Test Prep Practice

Test Prep Practice is another website with free downloadable SAT and ACT practice tests. There is no registration required. Students can also get tutorials on how to take each part of the test. 

College Application Help

Finishing just one college application can be lengthy, let alone completing several. In this section, you will get resources to help with applications.

  1. Grammarly

Students can use Grammarly as an online writing assistant when writing essays, papers, and other texts. It offers a free and premium version. Students should run their college application essays through Grammarly before submission. 

  1. The Common App

The Common App offers guidance for completing college applications and is the place where you will submit your app. The website contains a first-year application guide, practice essay prompts, a college search feature, and college planning resources. It’s an excellent place for both students and parents. 

There is also a Christian College/University common app, ApplicationU. Students can apply to three Christian institutions through this site at no cost. 

Explore Financial Aid and Scholarships

According to Education Data, 84% of students receive financial aid. So many scholarships, grants, and other forms of assistance are available. These websites will assist in the search process. 

  1. Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Federal Student Aid is where students can apply for federal financial assistance for college and grad school. It has information about deadlines, step-by-step instructions for completing the form, and resources for getting loans and grants. 

  1. Unigo

Unigo is a website for finding scholarships and grants. After creating a profile, students will receive a personalized school and scholarship list. In addition to scholarship help, UniGo has college planning information, statistics, and more. 

You can find student ratings and reviews based on college characteristics that interest you (i.e., political activity, arts culture, sports culture, etc.).

  1. Chegg

Chegg, widely known as a study resource, also offers scholarship help. You can browse over 25,000 scholarships on the website.

  1. FastWeb

FastWeb is another scholarship search platform to help make college more affordable. They will match you to scholarships based on your profile. You can also use this website for FAFSA help.

Other Helpful Resources

This final section contains other helpful resources for high school students. Get great advice on all things college-related. 

  1. College Majors 101

Picking a college major can be intimidating. College Majors 101 exists to help you discover the major that best fits you. You can explore majors in-depth and see specific  curriculum and requirements at different colleges.

  1. College Info Geek

College Info Geek advises rising and current college students. Find tips on increasing productivity, dealing with roommates, and staying organized. This website can be helpful throughout all years of college. 

  1. Rate My Professors

Rate My Professors is a website you will use throughout your college years. You can find professor ratings and student reviews. Use these when choosing classes to help you determine which professor you like best.

Wrapping Up

Nowadays, college-bound students have so many resources at their disposal. From getting help applying to college to getting acclimated to the college environment, there’s a resource for everyone. Bookmark this article and reference the outlined websites whenever you have a doubt!

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