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Sarah Seaton Kuban, Asbury University
“Asbury gave me the opportunity to cover major broadcast events like the Olympics in Athens and ESPN College Football. Gaining so much experience as a student paved the way for my career.”
Christian Washington, Huntington University
“I am so thankful to have the opportunity to be able to give back using the knowledge I’ve acquired over years of polishing my craft. It’s amazing to now be in a position where I can help pave the way for younger artists to be the impactful artists God created them to be.”
Dr. John Harris, Erskine College
“The point was to help them develop skills (quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis, for example), but I also wanted them to have a contemporary record of this important moment and how they experienced it,” Harris says. “It is something, I told them, that their kids would ask them about one day.”
Alan Hotchkiss, Multnomah University
“I love seeing the deep connection that takes place between our American partners and the students they sponsor. It is transformative for both the student in Rwanda and the family who supports them in the US.”

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