8 Great Christian Colleges in Minnesota

The Twin Cities state is full of great Christian colleges and universities. The following Minnesota Christian colleges offer opportunities to further your academic studies while pursuing a Christ-centered education. Read on to learn more about 8 of the best Christian Colleges in Minnesota. 

1. Bethany Global University 

Bethany Global University’s primary focus is training missionaries through its accredited Bachelor of Arts degrees in intercultural ministry, entrepreneurship, and education.

The private Christian college is located in Bloomington, MN, and uses a hands-on teaching approach. Each program is a double major, and half the program is spent on campus while the other half is spent overseas. The university also offers online programs for master’s degrees.

Undergraduate Tuition: $21,169

School Size: 303 (undergrad)

Student-Faculty Ratio: 19:1

Statistics from Niche

2. Bethany Lutheran College

Bethany Lutheran College is a liberal arts college situated in Mankato, MN, overlooking the Minnesota River Valley. The college provides Christan higher education to students in a challenging academic environment that fosters productive and fulfilling lives through truth, knowledge, and discernment. 

This college offers a variety of majors and minors, in addition to athletics programs, arts programs, graduate programs, and numerous clubs and organizations. The top five majors at Bethany Lutheran College are biology, business administration, education, communications, and nursing. Take a virtual tour of the college or schedule an in-person visit here

Undergraduate Tuition: $28,330 (2022-23)

School Size: 800

Average Class Size: 16

Statistics from THE Guide

3. Bethel University, MN

Bethel University, MN, is a private, 4-year liberal arts university located 10 minutes from the state’s capital, Saint Paul. This Christian university is committed to academic excellence and integrating faith into every aspect of both studies and life. 

The Christian school offers over 100 areas of study, various career development opportunities, countless clubs and organizations, study abroad programs, and varsity sports. The top five majors are nursing, business, education, communication studies, and biological sciences.

Undergraduate Tuition: $41,110 (2022-23)

School Size: 2,155 (undergrad)

Average Class Size: 19 

Statistics from THE Guide

4. Bethlehem College & Seminary

Located in the heart of Minneapolis, MN, Bethlehem College & Seminary is a small school with a tight-knit community of students, teachers, pastors, and church members. The school offers Bachelor of Arts programs in Theology and Biblical Studies, Theology and Global Studies, Theology and Letters, and Master of Arts.

Bethlehem College & Seminary uses an Omnia Core structure in its resident undergraduate program, which offers the option to complete an accelerated Master’s Degree at the end of the four years. In addition, there’s an evening degree option in Bachelor of Theology for working adults to complete their unfinished degrees.

Undergraduate Tuition: $5,635

School Size: 102 (undergrad)

Student-Faculty Ratio: 9:1

Statistics from Niche

5. Crown College

Located 40 minutes from the Twin Cities in MN, Crown College offers on-campus, online, and graduate degree programs and has 16 NCAA Division III athletic teams, internship programs, and summer outreach programs.

With a Christian worldview deeply rooted in each program, Crown College prepares you for a career that will be influential in the real world. Its top academic programs include Business/Sports Management, Nursing, Elementary Education, Communication, and Psychology.

Undergraduate Tuition: $28,360 (2022-23)

School Size: 1,419

Average Class Size: 20 

Statistics from THE Guide

6. North Central University

North Central University is a private, 4-year liberal arts school located in downtown Minneapolis. The university is dedicated to helping students reach their potential, both academically and spiritually.

NCU offers more than 60 Christ-centered academic programs taught by biblically grounded faculty. The top five majors include education, business administration, church leadership, music and worship leading, and marketing. 

Undergraduate Tuition: $27,140 (2022-23)

School Size: 1,000

Student-Faculty Ratio: 13:1

Statistics from THE Guide

7. Oak Hills Christian College

Oak Hills Christian College is an interdenominational, private college in Bemidji, MN. Oak Hills has a close, supportive community that offers mentorship and outreach opportunities. In addition, the Christian college provides on-campus and online learning opportunities and associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. 

There are 18 on-campus, five hybrid, and four online majors from which students can choose. All bachelor’s degree programs include a double major in Biblical studies. Other common majors include Liberal Arts and Humanities and Business. 

Undergraduate Tuition: $8,517 per semester (2020-2021)

School Size: 100

Student-Faculty Ratio: 11:1

Statistics from School’s Website

8. University of Northwestern- St. Paul

Located in the middle of the Twin Cities, the University of Northwestern, St. Paul is a Christian university with over 75 areas of undergraduate study and five master’s degree programs. In addition, the school has over 30 clubs and organizations for students and NCAA Division III sports. 

The school has a dedicated Christ-centered community that encourages spiritual development through worship and engagement. Popular majors include Biblical studies, nursing, psychology, liberal arts and humanities, and biology. 

Undergraduate Tuition: $32,490 (2020–21)

School Size: 2,999 (undergrad - MN location)

Average Class Size: 22

Statistics from School’s Website

Wrapping Up

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