9 Christian Colleges in Missouri for Prospective College Students

Missouri is a midwestern state known for its low cost of living, Kansas City-style barbecue, and iconic landmarks like the Gateway Arch. It’s also home to several Christian colleges that are great options for prospective students. This article will highlight 9 Christian Colleges in Missouri that soon-to-be college students should check out.

Missouri Christian Colleges and Universities

1. Baptist Bible College

Located in Springfield, Missouri, Baptist Bible College offers 19 ministry and professional degree programs, including associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. This Christian college is proud to offer unique courses, on campus and online, infused with a Christan education.

On-campus undergraduate degrees include biblical counseling, business management, education, church ministry, mission/intercultural studies, and pastoral studies.

Campus life includes athletics, chapel services, Student Government Association, frequent school-wide events, and academic resource centers. 

Tuition (full-time, on-campus): $7,345 per semester

Size: 183 undergraduates*

2. Calvary University

Calvary University is a 4-year non-denominational Christian university in Kansas City, Missouri. The university gives students opportunities to gain real-world experience through Christian ministries and study work programs.

Calvary offers various academic programs, including online, early college, college degree, graduate school, seminary, and Ph.D. Some popular undergraduate majors include business, biblical studies, pastoral counseling, specialized ministries, and theological and ministerial studies. 

Students can participate in on-campus clubs and organizations focused on leadership, creativity, and faith formation.

Tuition (on-campus, undergraduate courses): $395 per credit

Size: 172 undergraduates*

3. Central Christian College of the Bible

This is a private Christian college located in Moberly, Missouri. Central Christian College of the Bible centers its academics around biblical instruction and practical training for students. It offers the opportunity for dual enrollment at Indiana Wesleyan University and Moberly Area Community College. 

The college offers a broad range of programs, including church ministry and marketplace ministry. Church ministry programs can be completed in one to four years and prepare students to work at a church or non-profit organization. Marketplace ministry programs like business administration, education, and health science degrees allow students to pursue a full-time or specialized ministry career. 

Tuition (undergraduate, full-time): $8850 per year 

Size: 134 undergraduates*

4. Evangel University

Located in Springfield, Missouri, Evangel University is a Christian university and seminary school affiliated with the Assemblies of God. The private liberal arts university offers more than 70 academic programs integrated with faith, learning, and life.

The top five majors include elementary education, biology, business management, psychology, and allied health. In addition to traditional undergraduate programs, there are online, graduate, and seminary programs. 

Apart from academics, the school has a vibrant campus life with dozens of clubs, activities, dorm devotionals, chapels, and sports teams.

Tuition (12-18 credit hours): $25,166 per year

Size: 2,054 

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5. Hannibal-LaGrange University

Hannibal-LaGrange University is a private 4-year Christian university affiliated with the Missouri Baptist Convention, which forms part of the Southern Baptist Convention. It’s located in Hannibal, Missouri. 

The school offers a wide range of programs, all of which are taught from a biblical perspective. Popular programs include nursing, business, criminal justice, social work, and youth services. 

The academic experience at Hannibal-LaGrange is amplified through student life activities that provide leadership opportunities, spiritual growth, and meaningful, life-long relationships.

Tuition: $21,025 per year*

Size: 504 undergraduates*

6. Missouri Baptist University

Missouri Baptist University is another private liberal arts university affiliated with the Missouri Baptist Convention and Southern Baptist. It’s located in Saint Louis, Missouri, on a 68-acre campus. This Christian university challenges students to dig deep and find their God-given passions.

This liberal arts university offers over 50 degree programs with small class sizes (14:1 student-faculty ratio). The top five majors include nursing, education, business, exercise science, and criminal justice. 

There are many opportunities for students to get involved on campus through residential life, student clubs and organizations, and spiritual life.

Tuition (12-18 credit hours): $30,252 per year

Size: 4,500

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7. Ozark Christian College

Located in Joplin, Missouri, Ozark Christian College is a private evangelical college. The school is dedicated to training men and women for Christian service. 

Top programs include counseling, pastoral care, student ministry, and biblical studies (online degree). Additional academic programs are related to the church, Bible, and leadership. Students can get involved on campus through Christian service, residential life, life groups, and student employment. 

Tuition: $456 per credit hour

Size: 494 undergraduates*

8. Southwest Baptist University

Southwest Baptist University, a Christian liberal arts university, is located in Bolivar, Missouri. The school is affiliated with the Missouri Baptist Convention, and its mission is to prepare students to be servant leaders in a global society. 

The university offers more than 80 areas of study, with popular programs being intercultural studies, cybersecurity, social work, nursing, and pre-health. Furthermore, the school has an Honors Program and international and cross-cultural study programs. 

Students can participate in various clubs, organizations, spiritual life programs, intramurals, and varsity sports. Additionally, all students receive some form of  financial aid.

Tuition: $25,990 per year

Size: 1,100 undergraduates

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9. St. Louis Christian College 

Located in Florissant, Missouri, St. Louis Christian College is a private Bible college affiliated with the Restoration Movement of Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. 

The college offers flexible learning options for day, evening, and online courses. Bachelor degree day programs include behavioral, Christian, intercultural, preaching, student & children ministries, and worship arts. 

St. Louis Christian College is currently in the process of merging with Central Christian College of the Bible. 

Tuition (full-time, day): $6,640 per semester

Size: 153 undergraduates

That concludes the list of Missouri Christian colleges. For more information on Christian colleges and universities around the country, download your free copy of THE Guide

*Statistics from Niche.com

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