Finding Your Calling: Explore the Best Christian Colleges in North Carolina

Finding the right college can be an exciting and rewarding experience, especially when you're looking for a place that offers an education that aligns with your beliefs and values.

For those seeking a Christian education, the Tar Heel State has some great options. In this post, we'll take a closer look at five Christian colleges in North Carolina and what makes each one stand out.

Christian Colleges in North Carolina

We have five great Christian colleges and universities in North Carolina for you to check out. See what makes each one unique in the following sections. 

Carolina College of Biblical Studies 

Located in Fayetteville, the Carolina College of Biblical Studies (CCBS) is a small, nondenominational private college that offers degrees in biblical studies and ministry. The campus has a close-knit student and faculty community and is just a short distance from other major cities like Raleigh and Charlotte.

With a focus on practical application, numerous internship and ministry opportunities are available. CCBS offers flexible program options, including online and evening classes, to accommodate working students. Spiritual life is an important aspect of the college, with regular chapel services, prayer groups, and community outreach programs.

School size: 65 undergraduate students*

Median class size: 12 students

Undergraduate tuition: $255 per credit hour

*Statistics from

Manna University 

Based in Fayetteville, Manna University offers degrees in religious studies, Christian leadership, ministry, and more. With a focus on small class sizes and personal attention, students can deepen their faith and develop their skills for ministry.

In addition to academic coursework, Manna University emphasizes practical training with its internship program, TheExperience College. Through this program, the school partners with local churches so students can gain hands-on vocational experience.

School size: 73 undergraduate students*

Average class size: 5-20 students*

Undergraduate tuition: $210 per credit hour

*Statistics from Niche

Mid-Atlantic Christian University 

Located in Elizabeth City, Mid-Atlantic Christian University is a small, private college affiliated with the Independent Christian Churches and Church of Christ. This higher education institution offers bachelor's degrees and certificate programs across more than 20 areas of study. Top majors include business administration, counseling and psychology, elementary education, biology (pre-professional), and ministry.

In addition to academics, students often take part in athletics, clubs, internships, Greek life, volunteer programs, bonfires, and other campus events. In terms of spiritual life, students can participate in student-led worship services, community groups, and week-long spiritual development programs. 

School size: 150 students

Average class size: 22 students

Undergraduate tuition: $15,000 per year

Learn more about Mid-Atlantic Christian University on page 68 of THE Guide.

Montreat College 

Montreat College, located in Montreat, is a liberal arts college that offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Popular majors include business, cybersecurity, exercise science, psychology and human services, and health sciences.

With a focus on outdoor adventure and community engagement, students can pursue a Christ-centered education while exploring the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Campus life consists of athletics, organizations, and events like concerts, dances, and school traditions.

School size: 765 undergraduate students

Average class size: 21 students

Undergraduate tuition: $30,250 per year

Learn more about Montreat College on page 148 of THE Guide.

The College at Southeastern 

Located in Wake Forest, The College at Southeastern is a private Baptist college that offers degrees in biblical studies, ministry, counseling, psychology, leadership, and more. With its focus on mentorship and discipleship, students can develop their character and leadership skills while growing in their faith.

Campus life consists of career development programs, student activity groups, intramurals, and a house system that groups students so they can learn, grow, and explore their faith together. 

School size: 540 undergraduate students*

Average class size: unknown

Undergraduate tuition: $784 per credit hour

*Statistic from

Wrapping Up

No matter which college you choose, you'll join a community of like-minded individuals committed to growing in their faith and making a positive impact in the world. So take some time to explore your higher education options in THE Guide to Christian Colleges and Universities and find the best college for you.

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