9 Top Christian Colleges in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has a lot to offer, including great schools, if you’re looking to earn your degree at a Christian institution. This Northeastern state is nestled between six states – New York, New Jersey, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware – and has a rich history, beautiful landscapes, and cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. In this article, we’ll review some options for Christian colleges in Pennsylvania; keep reading to find your perfect match. 

Cairn University

Located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, Cairn University is a nondenominational Christian university that has plenty of appeal for students. You can choose one of many majors that fall under the university’s six departments: business, counseling, divinity, education, liberal arts & sciences, and music. 

Plus, as an NCAA Division III school with a lively campus, there are lots of ways to get involved. Whether it’s playing on one of the school’s 14 different teams, taking part in theater productions, or engaging in fellowships and service, you have many ways to connect with other students and build a sense of community.

It’s also one of the safest college campuses in America!

School size: 729 traditional undergraduate students

Student-to-faculty ratio: 12:1

Tuition: $31,255/ year

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Clarks Summit University

Clarks Summit University is an excellent option for students at any level. They offer paths from associate degrees to doctoral degrees, so there are lots of choices for programs and majors, depending on what you’re looking for. Some of the most popular degree options include biblical studies, business, communications, counseling, and education. The school is situated in the northwestern part of the state on a picturesque campus in Clarks Summit.  

There are many resources and activities for students to take part in. For example, you can participate in leadership councils, fellowships, residence hall organizations, and Mission Scranton, a ministry program that enriches the community. There are also resources like dedicated faculty, a recreation center, and a counseling center, so you can feel supported and live a healthy lifestyle throughout your time as a student.

School size: 750+ students

Student-to-faculty ratio: 11:1

Tuition: $29,700/ year

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Eastern University

With over 160 programs and 95 areas of study, Eastern University has an academic path for any student looking to continue their education in a Christian environment. Faith is an integral part of your experience at this university, and there are a number of ways to participate. For example, there are service learning opportunities, campus ministries, mission opportunities, and chapel, and students can also choose to get involved with churches in the nearby area.

Situated just outside of Philadelphia, this university is the perfect option if you’re looking for somewhere nearby a city with lots of arts and culture to see. You can visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the aquarium, the Philadelphia Zoo, the Liberty Bell, and so much more. No matter what you’d like to do, there’s something for everyone. You’re also located just a few hours away from places like New York City, Washington D.C., and Baltimore!

School size: 4,800 students

Student-to-faculty ratio: 12:1

Tuition: $35,864/ year

To learn more about Eastern University, go to page 129 of THE Guide.

Geneva College

Geneva College was founded by the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America and applies the word of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ in all that the school does. The core curriculum is founded upon three principles: practical, purposeful, and Christ-centered, and all faculty and staff have professed their following of Christianity. The school also has a number of programs available, like education & teaching, computer science & technology, psychology & social services, and more.

Once you’re on campus, if you’d like to learn more about getting involved, there is a center for student engagement that is dedicated to helping you find anything you’re interested in, whether it’s a club or organization or deepening your faith.

School size: 1,315 students

Student-to-faculty ratio: 11:1

Tuition: $29,890/ year

To learn more about Geneva College, go to page 52 of THE Guide.

Grove City College

Grove City College sits on a sprawling 180-acre campus in Grove City, Pennsylvania, and offers over 60 majors. Top programs at the school include mechanical engineering, biology and health, business, education, and computer science, highlighting the diverse academic paths available to choose from. As an independent university that doesn’t receive federal funding, the university is devoted to preserving a biblical worldview and the teachings of the Bible.

One thing that makes Grove City College unique is its study abroad programs and immersion experiences. While you’re able to deepen your faith as a student through on-campus programs, you also have the chance to visit a completely new environment or country and gain an entirely new perspective on your academics and beliefs. 

School size: 2,300 students

Student-to-faculty ratio: 13:1

Tuition: $19,990/ year

To learn more about Grove City College, go to page 58 of THE Guide.

Lancaster Bible College

This private, nondenominational university offers undergraduate, graduate, and seminary programs to students. Lancaster Bible College is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and has additional learning opportunities available in Philadelphia and Washington D.C. If you’re looking for extracurricular activities, you’ll find plenty at this university, as it is an NCCAA Division I and an NCAA Division III school, offering 20 varsity sports and intramurals, as well. 

Apart from athletics, there are a number of organizations like the Student Business Collective, Student Missions Fellowship, and Minority Student Association. In addition to these associations, there are also artistic opportunities to get involved with music and theater productions.

School size: 1,100 students

Student-to-faculty ratio: 14:1

Tuition: $27,760/ year

To learn more about Lancaster Bible College, go to page 142 of THE Guide.

Messiah University

With 150+ undergraduate programs offered at Messiah University, there’s a major for any area of study that interests you. The campus is enriched with a number of student life experiences and traditions, dorm halls, and more than 70 organizations, so there are many ways to meet fellow students and feel at home. Some of the top degrees at Messiah University include nursing, applied health science, engineering, business administration, and biology, and the school is committed to enriching your Christian values through courses with a foundation in faith.

There are also resources in place to support you as you find your calling and situate into the new world of college. For example, you can get assistance with your classes through academic coaching, peer tutoring, and visiting the learning or writing centers.

School size: 2,495 undergraduate students

Student-to-faculty ratio: 12:1

Tuition: $38,550/ year

To learn more about Messiah University, go to page 146 of THE Guide.

University of Valley Forge

Established in 1939, the University of Valley Forge is situated just a few miles away from Philadelphia’s city center. The school offers more than 50+ degrees, not to mention athletic programs, as an NCAA Division III member. To enrich your spiritual growth, you can choose from opportunities like spiritual formation, chapel, mission trips, student-led ministries, and the media production team, allowing you to grow deeper to God as you embark on your journey of higher education.

Explore over 40 areas of study, including arts & sciences, business administration, digital media communications, education, intercultural studies, ministry leadership & theology, and more.

School size: 508 students*

Student-to-faculty ratio: 12:1*

Tuition: $23,750/ year*

*Statistics from U.S. News

Waynesburg University

Waynesburg University is located in Waynesburg, in the southeastern portion of the state, close to Pittsburgh. There are a number of residence halls, dining halls, sports, and organizations to get involved with, as well as community learning opportunities. The school emphasizes Christian values such as service and devotion, and it embodies the word of the Scriptures in all academic pursuits. 

Top majors include nursing, criminal justice, communication, business, and forensic science. In total, there are over 70 majors to choose from and four bachelors-to-masters programs in business, counseling, criminal investigation, and education.

School size: 1,182 undergraduate students

Student-to-faculty ratio: 11:1

Tuition: $27,300/ year

To learn more about Waynesburg University, go to page 102 of THE Guide.

Wrapping Up

No matter what you’re looking for in an institution, there are plenty of Christian colleges to explore in Pennsylvania. The Keystone State provides stunning landscapes and scenery, not to mention cities with rich history and culture. As you go down your path of faith and higher education, consider what features you’re looking for in a school, and don’t forget to consult THE Guide.

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