Christian Colleges with Aviation Programs

Whether you’re looking to become a professional pilot, earn a private pilot certificate, or considering flight school, there are plenty of universities that offer robust aviation programs. As you start down this career path, you may also wish to deepen your faith. Well, you’re in luck! There are plenty of Christian colleges and universities that offer degrees in aviation, pilot training, and more. In this article, we’ll review some of the top Christian colleges with aviation programs and their unique features. Keep reading to learn more!

California Baptist University

Located in Riverside, California, this medium-sized Baptist university has three different aviation degrees you can choose from. Options include a B.S. in aviation flight, a B.S. in aviation management, and a B.S. in professional piloting. The aviation program prides itself on multiple factors, including a hands-on learning experience, challenging coursework, and accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Apart from the exciting campus life, organizations, and spiritual opportunities, you’ll have access to the university’s flight operations center. It is located just two miles away from campus at the Riverside Municipal Airport and features 9,000 sq. ft. of classrooms, a flight planning room, and a student lounge. Not to mention, there is a FRASCA flight simulator and fleet of new Piper aircraft to receive the best training. 

School size: 11,384 students

Student-to-faculty ratio: 19:1

Tuition: $35,958/year      

To learn more about California Baptist University, visit page 30 of THE Guide.

Charleston Southern University

If you’re looking for a Christian university nestled on the east coast, Charleston Southern University could be the right school for you. The school offers a number of programs, including aviation maintenance management, aerospace management, and a professional pilot program, which is even accredited by the Federal Aviation Administration. Within the university, you’ll have opportunities to earn certifications, study aircraft systems, aerodynamics, and meteorology, and learn under expert professors. 

CSU also has partnerships with airline recruiters, and there is no minimum flight experience required to apply. In addition to these aviation programs, the school offers NCAA DI athletics and Wannamaker Park, where you can walk the trails and paddleboard. You’ll also have access to resources such as the writing center and the opportunity to get involved with 50+ organizations.

School size: 3,433 students

Student-to-faculty ratio: 13:1

Tuition: $30,380/year

To learn more about Charleston Southern University, visit page 34 of THE Guide.

Cornerstone University

Cornerstone University is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is an excellent location if you love exploring the outdoors; Lake Michigan is just a short drive away! Apart from a beautiful campus, Cornerstone University offers a B.S. in missions aviation. The School of Missionary Aviation Technology is nationally accredited, meaning you’ll earn your degree from a top program with knowledgeable faculty and alongside driven students just like you.

Within the aviation degree at Cornerstone University, you’ll have access to an internship program and a number of career opportunities. Some of the notable employers that have connections with the university include Duncan Aviation, Kent Intermediate School District, and Executive Air Transport Inc. Another unique feature of the program is the religious enrichment you’ll receive as part of your education, as courses are structured to simultaneously enhance your biblical worldview. You’ll even have the chance to apply your credits toward a Master’s degree in divinity, ministry, biblical studies or counseling!

School size: 2,000 students

Student-to-faculty ratio: 15:1

Tuition: $29,100/year

To learn more about Cornerstone University, visit page 137 of THE Guide.

Air traffic control tower with plane taking off

Geneva College

This Pennsylvania university offers a one-of-a-kind aviation program, with the chance to earn a dual degree from the school’s partner, CCBC, which is among the best aviation programs in the country. As a graduate of this program, you’ll be able to qualify for your Federal Aviation Administration commercial pilot and flight instructor certification as well as a Control Tower Operator certificate, if you choose.

No matter the direction you want to take in your career path, Geneva has course options that will excite you, like a B.S. in aviation business administration. You’ll learn a wide variety of skills, from strategic management to ethics to business law, alongside a dedicated faculty and staff who are committed to Christian principles. There’s also a B.A. in aviation missions available, which includes coursework in aviation meteorology and aerodynamics.

School size: 1,235 students

Student-to-faculty ratio: 11:1

Tuition: $31,090/year 

To learn more about Geneva College, visit page 50 of THE Guide.

Jessup University

Jessup University is committed to creating ACE pilots, meaning you’re adept, certified, and ethical in the field of aviation. Within the B.S./B.A. aviation program, you’re not only gaining hands-on experience and knowledge, but you’re also strengthening personal qualities to become a leader. 

Jessup also has a unique relationship with the FAA, allowing program graduates to qualify as a Restricted Airline Transport Pilot with 1,000 hours, rather than the standard 1,500. With access to a nearby flight school in Northern California, you’ll earn your hours in an environment and climate that is perfectly suitable for flying, learning, and practicing.

Apart from the aviation program, Jessup offers a number of ways to deepen your faith including chapel & worship, discipleship, and global outreach opportunities.

School size: 1,300 students

Student-to-faculty ratio: 12:1

Tuition: $36,000/year 

For more information about Jessup University, visit page 64 of THE Guide.

Engineering woman surrounded by machines

LeTourneau University

If you’re seeking a comprehensive aviation program in the Lone Star State, LeTourneau University could be right for you. Located in Longview, Texas, this polytechnic university offers specialized degrees. A few of the programs available include a B.S. in aviation maintenance science, a B.S. in aviation studies, and a B.S. in aviation management. There are even more specialized options if you know you’d like to pursue a specific career, like a concentration in homeland security and a concentration in professional flight.

As a member of the aviation program, you’ll be among incredible resources and facilities, like drones, the Airframe & Power-Plant Lab, and even a Turbine Engines Lab. Faculty at the university have years of experience, and you’ll join like-minded classmates who also want to further their faith and impact in the world. Apart from the aviation program, the campus has outreach, mission, and service programs, so you can enrich yourself in your community while making a difference.

School size: 3,541 students

Student-to-faculty ratio: 13:1

Tuition: $46,820/year

To learn more about LeTourneau University, visit page 70 of THE Guide.

Moody Aviation

Located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, Moody Aviation is in Spokane, Washington. It’s part of a vibrant town and the program is the perfect option for students looking to enrich themselves in a community entirely dedicated to the field of aviation. 

Within Moody Aviation, you’ll have hands-on exposure to a fleet of aircraft plus knowledgeable professors, faculty, and staff who are committed to seeing you succeed.

The program builds on 75 years of experience and allows you to earn a B.S. in missionary aviation technology with a choice of concentrating in either flight or maintenance. If you opt for the flight path, you’ll take part in a 3,000-mile extended cross country project, learn first aid and wilderness survival, and can qualify for FAA private, instrument and commercial certifications. Within the maintenance major, you’ll learn about engines, turbines, and other machinery while gaining essential troubleshooting skills. Whichever route you choose, you’ll be equipped to pave your way in the field. 

School size: 111 students

Student-to-faculty ratio: 16:1

Tuition: $19,499/year

To learn more about Moody Bible Institute, visit page 78 of THE Guide.

Providence University College

Situated in Manitoba, Canada, this interdenominational Christian university offers an aviation degree that is one of the school’s top majors. The program offers a number of options, including a diploma, minor, or double major, just to name a few. While in courses at Providence University College, you’ll gain foundational knowledge about the field of aviation, have access to an in-class simulator, and log training hours, while also taking classes to deepen your biblical worldview.

Outside of academics, the school has leadership opportunities like student council and serving as a resident assistant and spiritual enrichment like Chapel and the Day of Prayer. If you’d like to participate in athletics, the school offers basketball, soccer, volleyball, and more.

School size: 300 students

Student-to-faculty ratio: 10:1

Tuition: $9,930/year (CAD)

To learn more about Providence University College, visit page 177 of THE Guide.

Southeastern University

In the Sunshine State, Southeastern University has an aviation program that incorporates faith-based learning. As part of the B.S. in aviation management program, you’ll earn foundational flight hours and training that contribute to your growth and development. You’ll also earn your FAA Commercial Pilot Certification with Single and Multi-Engine Land class ratings with an Instrument Rating and Certified Flight Instructor Certification. There are even options to take a Regional Airline Transition course and interview for employment as a flight instructor as you complete your degree.

At Southeastern University, there is also an Associate of Applied Science professional pilot program if you decide to pursue that instead. If you enter with FAA Pilot Certificates or Knowledge Exams, you can earn credit that counts toward your degree. Off campus, you’ll be surrounded by the beautiful environment of Lakeland, which boasts a rich artistic scene and historical culture.

School size: 10,044 students

Student-to-faculty ratio: 27:1

Tuition: $30,432/year

To learn more about Southeastern University, visit page 102 of THE Guide.

Other Christian Colleges with Aviation Programs:

Apart from these schools, there are many others with aviation programs for you to check out. Learn more about them on our website.

  • Andrews University - Michigan
  • Appalachian Bible College - West Virginia
  • Eastern Mennonite University - Virginia
  • Grace Christian University - Michigan
  • Hesston College - Kansas
  • Multnomah University - Oregon
  • Pacific Union College - California
  • Prairie College - Alberta, Canada
  • Southern Nazarene University - Oklahoma
  • Walla Walla University - Washington


No matter what you’re seeking in your college experience and aviation career journey, these Christian universities have something to offer. Whether you’re looking for state-of-the-art technology and resources or a team of expert and experienced faculty, you’ll find it. Apart from world-class training, you’ll have the chance to explore your faith and religious values in a supportive community, all while studying what you love!

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