2 Amazing Christian Universities in New York

New York, the vibrant and diverse state known for its bustling cities and cultural landmarks, is also home to two renowned Christian universities that offer a unique blend of rigorous academics and spiritual enrichment. These institutions not only provide a high-quality education but also foster an environment where students can deepen their faith, explore their purpose, and develop strong moral character. In this article, we’ll explore two amazing Christian Universities in New York State. 

Houghton University

Nestled in the picturesque Genesee Valley, Houghton University is a beacon of academic excellence and spiritual empowerment. This Christian institution, affiliated with the Wesleyan Church, offers a wide array of programs across various disciplines. Top majors include biology/pre-med, business, education, computer science, and psychology.

The school emphasizes hands-on learning, extracurricular activities, and mentorship. Students can participate in over 35 campus clubs & organizations, 10 campus and community worship opportunities, and 16 NCAA Division III teams. There are also many outdoor recreation opportunities surrounding the campus.

School size: 901 undergraduate students

Student-to-faculty ratio: 12:1

Tuition: $15,900

To learn more about Houghton University, visit page 134 of THE Guide.

Roberts Wesleyan University

Roberts Wesleyan University in Rochester, New York, is a dynamic Christian institution affiliated with the Free Methodist Church. The school seeks to inspire transformation and service in students while nurturing their intellectual, spiritual, and personal growth. 

Undergraduate students can choose from over 60 academic programs, with popular majors including nursing, business, education, criminal justice, and social work. There’s a lot to do within the school’s tight-knit campus, including attending spiritually-enriching chapel services, choosing from over 45 campus organizations, and participating in intramural sports. Additionally, the campus is only a short drive from the heart of Rochester, New York.

School size: 1,670 undergraduate students

Student-to-faculty ratio: 11:1

Tuition: $34,788

To learn more about Roberts Wesleyan University, visit page 161 of THE Guide.

Wrapping Up

The Christian colleges in New York mentioned above—Houghton University and Roberts Wesleyan University—stand out for their commitment to providing exceptional education, nurturing students’ spiritual growth, and preparing them to impact the world positively. Whether you seek a strong community, rigorous academics, global engagement, or a combination of these aspects, these Christian colleges in New York offer a rich tapestry of growth opportunities.

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